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Stupid Fish? #3
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Channel Cat



     In my last write up about tropical fish I mentioned buying a Channel Catfish.

If you get a chance to buy one DON'T

   I had a beautiful eight sided tank with a piece of driftwood in the centre around which swam the schooling fishes that I had. There were a dozen neon tetras, a comparable amount of head and tail lights, some serape tetras, zebra danios and white clouds.

     The cat was only a couple of inches long and really cute looking but he ate like a horse.  I had bought some pellets of food especially designed for bottom feeders and when I dropped them into the tank he would grab them and swallow them whole. He could manage about four of them and afterwards you could see them bulging in his stomach.  As a result he grew rather rapidly.

     One day after I had come home from work I noticed that some of my neons were missing.  I searched for bodies but couldn't find any. The next day there were even fewer fish and still no bodies.  Needless to say I was quite p-----.  As I sat there this catfish came up off the bottom and started swimming around the driftwood and as he did all of the other fish swam away from him around the driftwood.  When they had all picked up a certain amount of speed the catfish would turn and go the other way. When he ran into the fish going in the opposite direction he would swallow a few. He would then fall to the bottom, rest for a while,  then start again. He eventually ate all of the other fish in the tank, the rotter.  He finally died, from over eating I think. Stay tuned for my next blurb which will be about Jack Dempseys.



Mike Whitehead

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Monday, December 01, 2003