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From a 4 legged friend as they get filtered through a mind that is often clogged with both saw dust and that of the digital kind ( could be a potential X file story?)  


Have you ever wondered what your life looks like through the eyes of a dog? Well I am not sure if there is some kind of inner meaning here but I have. Big brown eyes often looking at me with a puzzled sort of feel. I know its not one of my kids cause they don't have brown eyes, they do at times share that same puzzled appearance and they have even been known to have cold wet noses but I'm fairly certain that's where the similarity ends. In any event the dog often appears mystified as to the comings and goings in our house. Constant rush,incessant noise and movements that could easily be mistaken for panic. I figure he has to work fairly hard at ignoring it and facilitating his 12 hrs of sleep that he seems to need. Come to think of it maybe he's suffering from some sort of stress disorder. Could it be that the hectic sort of life-styles that most of us have found ourselves mired in produces anxiety levels that are contagious? God if it is I hope the animal rights people don't find out. All I need right now is to pay for my dog to lie on a green leather sofa and try to explain this complex he has about his mother who just happened to be a real Bitch or explain his feelings of inadequacy cause he can't drive,so he can't keep up with the rest of his adopted family. Scary! The whole idea is just plain scary.

Despite my fears for our dog you know I often think that he's better adjusted than allot of people I know. Maybe there is something to learn from him. Reflected in those eyes somewhere beneath the bewilderment I'm sure is a genuine concern that his adopted pack is spinning its tires and hastily beating a path to an early demise. Unlike us he doesn't seem to have a desire to have more,better,faster,bigger and invariably more expensive toys or tools depending on ones rational. I suspect this is his saving grace as that weakness in us undoubtedly is the cause of most of our stress. Riley watches as we work and scurry around trying to maintain a standard of living and a plateful of commitments. We struggle for a long time and eventually seem to be making some headway when in an unrecognized moment of weakness we decide to reward ourselves with a few hours of pleasure that usually results in a few months of pain. Damn that's how long if we're lucky, it takes to pay for those few moments of delusional ecstasy. You know its no wonder it puzzles my dog ,as I write this it puzzles me. Riley seems to lead a life that is laid back a kinda take it as it comes approach is evident ,mind you some people call it downright laziness. Well who are we to say, could be that barking,sniffing and all that lying around is physically very taxing. I know that if I lay around for 12 hrs a day my back would kill me. Now I work 12 hrs a day and that's kill'in me. I don't suppose I'm unique in that matter. The question is how many beers or martinis does it take for the average person to admit to the same feelings.

Wow it seems like I'm skirting the fringe of some deep philosophical questions. Here's another " is Riley actually living the life of Riley ?" or am I just harboring some deep dissatisfaction with my life and am jealous of his. You know though I just can't imagine myself with a tail and penchant for smelly canned food. On the other hand looking at the world through the eyes of a dog might be a humbling and learned experience and God knows we collectively could use a humbling. More later.One of us has to go and walk the other.
The World According To Riley will be an on going project . If you have any comments or similar musings feel free to send them along and I will add those that I feel are appropriate. Go ahead!
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